Maroochydore protected by ELCOROCK®

Maroochydore protected by ELCOROCK®
Maroochy Shire Council
Maroochydore QLD


Severe erosion taking place along the beach South of the Maroochy River mouth was beginning to jeopardise The Cotton Tree Caravan Park on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
The Maroochy Shire Council (now part of the Sunshine Regional Council) in 2000 decided to investigate methods of coastal protection to ensure the safety of the caravan park due to the imminent king tides and Summer storms.
After the success of a series of geotextile tubes installed on the Maroochy River in 1994, the council had confidence in the ELCOROCK® system.
Contractor Rick Evans was awarded the contract to construct a 2.5m high, 200 lineal metre sea wall using the 0.75m³ containers and a series of four groynes utilising the 2.5m³ containers.
The base of the wall was constructed incorporating a flexible toe protection system which was located 0.5m below the low tide mark.
Due to the “soft” nature of the ELCOROCK® structures they have become popular amenities for the beach going public.