Watsons Bay Ferry Arrester

Watsons Bay Ferry Arrester
September 2010
NSW Maritime
Australia Wharf & Bridge (AWB)
Watsons Bay NSW Australia


The world renowned Doyles Restaurant is located within Sydney Harbour, 11km north-east of the Sydney CBD. The restaurant stands over the pristine waters of Watsons Bay, but is also positioned precariously close to the ferry wharf.
The close proximity between Doyles Restaurant and the ferry wharf brought about concern regarding the possibility of a vessel overshooting the ferry berth and endangering the safety of the restaurant patrons. 
State government body NSW Maritime and Cardno Global Infrastructure Services Consultancy worked together to complete the design for a ferry arrester.
The final design called for a structure comprised of geotextile containers to be placed between the wharf & restaurant, with a base of 16m x 12m and height of approximately 2m above bed level and was generally stepped back on all four sides at 1:1.5 slope.
A total of one hundred and five ELCOROCK® 2.5m³ geotextile sand containers (half vandal deterrent) were filled at AWB in Rozelle NSW and transported approximately 11kms by barge to Watsons Bay. 
The placing of 200m² of Elcomax® 600R staple fibre geotextile on the sea bed was carried out initially, and installed by two AWB divers.
The ELCOROCK® containers were then placed over the ELCOMAX® by a team of two divers and one crane operator. AWB specially designed a lifting frame to assist in lowering the ELCOROCK® containers into place.
The ELCOROCK® product has now provided a non-intrusive and yet effective protection measure to both the restaurant deck and the docking ferries.
The Watsons Bay Ferry arrester project was successfully completed in 11 days.